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Are you ready to give a hand up, not a hand out?

Get Involved with Herkimer County Habitat

We rely heavily on the skills of our volunteers both skilled and unskilled.

Become a Volunteer

All skill levels are needed when we are building, rehabbing, or doing small works projects.

Skill labor needs include people with:

  • electrical skills
  • plumbing skills
  • construction knowledge
  • masonry experience
  • drywallers
  • roofers

Unskilled workers are also needed. If you can:

  • Paint
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Sweep
  • and many other on-site jobs!

Become a Board Member or Join a Habitat Committee

If you have a knack or interest in fundraising, building site selection, family selection, finance or family support, we need you!

Volunteers for the following committees are always in need:

Habitat Board of Directors

Habitat Committees

  • Building Committee
  • Site Selection Committee
  • Volunteer Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Family Selection Committee
  • Family Support Committee
  • Church Relations Committee
  • Fundraising Committee

Donate directly to Herkimer County Habitat for Humanity

Herkimer County Habitat accepts donations of all kinds, including:

  • property
  • vehicles
  • gently used appliances
  • clean and undamaged furniture
  • building supplies
  • monetary donations

Fill out an application to become a volunteer!

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